Choosing the right shirt is an essential part of creating a stylish look.

Leon Henry was founded in 1986, at the same time classic and modern, combining beautiful man’s tradition and current affairs. The quality of the fabrics, the exclusive prints and the unique creativity determine the identity of the brand and the personality of the user.

Despite the craft-based nature and its deep roots in the oldest sartorial tradition, Leon Henry is always attentive to fashion trends and customer needs by continuously relying on innovations, according to to the most interesting discoveries. The careful approach towards innovations finds application in the constant research of new fabrics, in the design of new lines and new styles to be forerunners of the contemporary taste.

Creativity and expressiveness determine the character of the new Leon Henry season.

The material provides a selection of innovative quality fabrics – high-quality cotton, cotton / linen mixtures and ultra-light qualities.

Thus fully meets our requirement to live product quality as our highest priority.

Everything from the raw material to the final stitches should be chosen and applied
with consideration and deliberation.

We are a team. The effort of each and every one of us is equally important in the whole making of-process. Our knowledge and experience as well as working as a team are the essential elements for more sustainable developments to come.